Bleu Medical is a family business run by two doctors. One of them is currently biologist but has held various university functions in the Faculty of Medicine (Paris) and hospitals. The other is a doctor and acupuncturist, specialized in weight problems.

In acupuncture, the need for fluid stimulation potentiating the metal stimulation became necessary during the treatment, for long periods by acupuncture, of obesity or osteoarthritis.

If initially, the deposit on the skin surface, of a drop of drug crossed by the acupuncture needle seemed sufficient, it became useful to adapt a micro drug reservoir on a hollow acupuncture needle and to create the BMN.

It became possible thereby to realize a double stimulus, metallic and liquid, once the needle is inserted into the acupuncture point.
It became, therefore possible, to prevent, when many acupuncture points are concerned, the discomfort of a double needle insertion, firstly an acupuncture needle and the other part a hollow needle for injecting a liquid drug.

It was not easy to find, a posteriori, a scientific support in the Chinese and European literature, on drug injection in the acupuncture point as the method had fallen into oblivion. BMN allowed reactivating, at least in the West, this version of acupuncture.

Production was a technological breakthrough: Indeed, for many manufacturers in the world, it was impossible to join reliably, a deformable reservoir, without silicon to a needle of 0.3mm external diameter, without glue.

Production allowed producing prototypes which were tested at the University Hospital of Montpellier/Nîmes.


  • The acupuncture point begins at the surface of the skin, at the epidermis ending in the connective tissue, justifying the numerous and conventional external stimuli of the acupuncture point, from the skin surface. It may be added, an external stimulation by some drops of a liquid drug, spread on the skin surface of the acupuncture point, crossing the skin barrier by iontophoresis to reach the acupuncture point, without needle.
  • Mesotherapy is active through micro reservoir of drug randomly created in the epidermis, dermis and superficial hypodermis in front of the altered area of the body …but in this skin area preexist acupuncture points.

The difficulty of discriminating an acupuncture point from a Mesotherapy point induces to involve them in a coherent therapeutic set, MAM or Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture without/with needle.

  • Various modes of treatment, Roller, dry needling on trigger points, with/without liquid drug, also apply, successfully an important part of fundamental of Acupuncture (but, unfortunately, without citing the source).

Perhaps is it the open way to a formal recognition of Acupuncture, in Europe.



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