This version of Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture MAM, performed without needles, is aimed at all professionals not entitled to insert needles or inject drug products but wishing to integrate the MAM in their daily practice with our courses on-line.

For example, Professionals in beauty or using the skin as vector of their treatment: Massage, physiotherapy, non-physician acupuncturists etc...
It is easy to recognize the APs on the skin, to combine them to the creation of MPs and associate them in the set Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesotherapy or MAM, performed without needles and harmoniously integrated in his already planned treatment, the Patient being the great beneficiary.

Indeed, in helping, by no-invasive means, to reduce various health disorders, is the set, MAM Acupuncture Mesotherapy Mesopuncture, two versions (Acupuncture and Mesopuncture) of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mesotherapy, Mesotherapy a new occidental mode of drug administration, whose value depends on the effectiveness of the drug chosen and employed by the therapist.

Its foundation is the complex interplay between Acupuncture Points or APs, already labeled and Mesotherapy Points MPs that can be created in the dermis of the whole area separating two neighboring APs. Indeed, APs and MPs use the same device of drug administration (the same apparatus, in this case), the same medicinal drug, the same cutaneous area, the same lay in the skin. It is an easy opportunity to add the benefit of every therapeutic mode.  

•    The Acupuncture Point_ AP is a well, starting in the subcutaneous tissue, crossing hypodermis, dermis and ending at the surface of the skin. Its location systematized is internationally recognized.
The Mesotherapy Point_ MP has no defined structure, it does not preexist; it is created extemporaneously by depositing few drops of a liquid drug in the dermis or the superficial hypodermis.

•    During the classic Acupuncture session, the majority of active APs are selected into the skin of the altered area of the human body; MPs are created in the dermis of the same area.

•    If the AP can be stimulated in any part of its path in the thickness of the skin, the MP must be created in the dermis or superficial hypodermis.

•    Fluid drugs used are of two kinds: Neutrals that is to say, without therapeutic activity or with therapeutic activity. If all fluid drugs are active in Mesopuncture, only fluid drugs with therapeutic effect are active in Mesotherapy.

It is the Therapist who chooses the drug to be used.

•    To create by a no-invasive way, Mesopuncture and Mesotherapy, we use the principles of iontophoresis delivered by a virtual Mesotherapy device:
Iontophoresis, also called electromotive drug administration (EMDA), is a technique using a small electric charge to deliver a medicine or other chemical through the skin;[1] essentially it is an injection without a needle. The technical description of this process is a non-invasive method (Wikipedia).

The important conclusion is that the points of Mesotherapy will be created around the acupuncture points.

Our courses

The selected APs in the formations with and without needle are identical, only changes the mode of treatment no or minimally invasive.

 In our courses, we select and teach the active AP, on various health or aesthetics disorders and we suggest this triple therapy without needle but with virtual Mesotherapy and with external stimulation of the AP.

AESTHETICS OF THE FACE, hands, neck, scalp.

1 – OVERWEIGHT and diet.
2- OVERWEIGHT without diet.  

OBESITY and CELLULITE, very complete.
DAILY nervous disorders.  
ADDICTION (Alcohol, tobacco, sweets).
PAIN, Rheumatism, sports

Model of our courses

•    The courses we offer, intended to identify the active AP on the health condition described in the course and determine the area of the dermis between two neighboring AP, where the Therapist creates Mesotherapy points.


We propose a triple no-invasive treatment, needle free.

As the AP starts in the epidermis/dermis and ends in the subcutaneous tissue, non-invasive treatment joins virtual Mesotherapy performed by an active drug deposited in the skin (virtual Mesotherapy in beauty institute…) both for Mesotherapy and fluid Mesopuncture and Acupuncture realized by an external stimulation of the AP.

** - The PA recognized is externally stimulated by a deep massage, laser, electro-acupuncture, LPG, VACUUM, pulsed light, Ultra sounds, Moxibustion. (classic acupuncture effect).

Virtual Mesopuncture is performed by a liquid drug deposited on the skin, in front of the selected AP and on which the Virtual Mesotherapy device is applied to perform a fluid stimulus of the AP or Mesopuncture.. Virtual Mesotherapy is applied throughout the dermis, all around the hypodermic AP proposed in the course. to create MPs.

* Minimally invasive option

In order to carry out this triple treatment the BMN is the adequate device, which realises this triple treatment with a same and unique insertion into the skin of a same and unique BMN.  

* Other option: Some acupuncture needles and a syringe full of medicine with its needle