Why Acupuncture is an essential help in facial aesthetics,


Aesthetic treatment, in general and facial rejuvenation treatments, in particular, targets the connective tissue (According to the work of Pr. LANGEVIN continued by Chinese Medicine). and especially the collagen fibers.

The fundamentals of Acupuncture are intimately associated with connective tissue as well at the anatomical level as at its mechanism of action or its therapeutic results.

**-There is an anatomical correspondence of Acupuncture Points_ APs and Meridians to connective tissue cleavage planes of intermuscular or intramuscular location, in the human body.

  • Acupuncture point is consistent with greater amounts of connective tissue cleavage planes with a specific collagen fiber linear alignment. It is described as a hole where the needle can access greater amounts of connective tissue.
  • Channels are described as linear cleavage connective tissue planes connecting the different APs.  

**- Furthermore, the anatomical relationship of APs and Meridians to connective tissue planes, allow using the properties of connective tissue and in particular its mode of action to explain the mechanism of action of acupuncture and its therapeutic effects.

  • Acupuncture needle manipulation is a mediator of information at the cellular level (fibroblasts) transduced into bioelectrical and/or biochemical cellular changes and extracellular matrix modifications where we find fibroblasts collagen fibers sensory afferents, immune and vascular cells…

These cellular changes propagate along connective tissue planes. These changes may occur no matter where the needle is placed but may be enhanced when the needle is inserted at APs.
Secondarily, in the response to the stimulus of the acupuncture needle, various functions may be involved: Interstitial connective tissue constitutes a continuous network including more specialized connective tissues with precise physiological functions or specific systems that may be involved, circulatory or immune or nervous system or articular or … trophicity skin…