Hyaluronic acid, Botox, Mesopuncture unexpected improvements

 Since few months, in social networks, about aesthetic or anti-ageing treatments or in medical spas, comments are published on the beneficial collateral effects of injections of Hyaluronic Acid_ HA or BOTOX: Improvement of depressive signs, migraine, headaches, knee pain, sinusitis etc.

It is likely that the observed improvement is due, PERHAPS and IN PART, to

• Injection of a liquid drug into a skin point, which, without being necessarily an Acupuncture point _ AP of local action, has the same therapeutic properties but of lesser intensity.

• 'Therapeutic effect acupuncture', hereafter called 'acupuncture effect', awarded by the Traditional Chinese Medicine _ TCM, when stimulating this skin point known / unknown as AP.

• The duration of the ‘acupuncture effect 'secondary to the fluid stimulus: The duration of stimulation of the AP is the same as the duration of elimination from the human body, of the liquid medicine injected into this AP.

  • About Acupuncture

**- For millennia are described in the thickness of the skin Acupuncture Points _ APs, interconnected by meridians. Recent research, Prof. LANGEVIN, involve the connective tissue in Acupuncture structure, organization and at the functioning level.

Acupuncture points are linked together in a network of “meridians” running longitudinally along the surface of the body. Acupuncture meridians are believed to form a network throughout the body, connecting peripheral tissues to each other and to central viscera.

According to LANGEVIN, there is an anatomical correspondence of APs and meridians to connective tissue planes. The network of APs and meridians may be viewed as a representation of the network formed by interstitial connective tissue.

LANGEVIN and Al. propose that the anatomical relationship of APs and meridians to connective tissue planes is relevant to acupuncture's mechanism of action.

**- APs stimulation

** The APs should be activated or stimulated:
By needle (classic Acupuncture).
By a liquid drug, with/without therapeutic activity (Mesopuncture).
Both by needle and liquid drug, potentiating the Acupuncture effect of each mode of stimulus.

Duration of the effect ‘Acupuncture’ following the conventional stimulus: Few days.

Note: The BMN, we manufacture, allows performing Acupuncture and Mesopuncture (as well as Mesotherapy), once its needle inserted into the skin.

** Two ways of stimulation are possible

External: Moxas laser, massage, magnets, iontophoresis … (Traditional Acupuncture), iontophoresis (Mesopuncture)...

Internal: Conventional Compact acupuncture needle (Traditional Acupuncture) and injecting a liquid drug or (Mesopuncture). 

** The stimulation causes cellular and extracellular matrix changes that propagate using connective tissue pathways.

‘These changes may occur no matter where the needle is placed but may be enhanced when the needle is placed at APs”, Pr. LANGEVIN.

This explains that, without precise knowledge of the location of the AP, the Therapist can achieve the effect Acupuncture.

**- The AP is selected either for its local acupuncture effect, symptomatic or for its regional or general acupuncture effect and resulting in these last two cases, from a line of reasoning requiring expertise in Acupuncture.

The AP of local action requires no special knowledge in Acupuncture but training in Human Anatomy. They are located in the immediate vicinity of the injured area, and are generally easily accessible.

  • About Mesopuncture

In Mesopuncture, the liquid drug is active by its physicochemical structure, at the origin of both the  effect therapeutic recognized by the western pharmacopeia and the effect Acupuncture recognized by the TCM, performed by stimulating the selected AP.

It is performed by the BMN, we manufacture, allowing to perform Acupuncture and Mesopuncture (as well as Mesotherapy), once the needle inserted into the skin.

  • It is possible in Mesopuncture, using the long duration of elimination of certain drug liquid to produce a long stimulus of an AP at the expense of its therapeutic effect, for example, for the so-called liquid drugs of comfort (Hyaluronic Acid_ HA, Botox).

In general the liquid drug is injected into an AP which stimulation causes an acupuncture effect synergistic of the own therapeutic effect of the liquid drug injected.

This therapeutic effect is undoubtedly beneficial in Mesopuncture.

It is ensured by

  • Liquid drugs with rapid elimination or rapid duration of stimulation of the AP identical to the duration of stimulation by the metal needle, i.e. a few days.

Stimulation of the AP by this liquid drug injection added its acupuncture effect to the acupuncture effect of the acupuncture needle already inserted and its own therapeutic effect synergistic to the Acupuncture effect.

The injection should be repeated after a few days.

These are the liquid drugs, commonly used in daily medicine.

** Stimulation of short duration by a liquid drug has the advantage of potentiating the metal stimulus by a liquid stimulus while preserving the therapeutic properties of the liquid drug but the downside is the repetition of acupuncture sessions according to the classical scheme.

  • The liquid drugs of slow release are less numerous.

 Their therapeutic effect, also used in practice, is remarkable in very specific areas: Pain, osteoarthritis, for example. They have a lifetime of 3 weeks.
They are currently the subject of warnings about side effects; their use, in Mesopuncture as a stimulant of the AP, for few weeks cannot be applied to areas other than those recommended by the western pharmacopoeia.

  • The liquid drugs so-called of comfort, HA and Botox are easier to handle. The elimination time is long, few months; Injected into an AP, they have a long duration of stimulation. Their specific therapeutic effect and potential side effects are known.

The long-lasting effect by few drops of these liquid drugs, stimulating the AP, depends on the properties recognized at this AP by the MTC.

  • Deposited in an AP dealing with facial aesthetics, the acupuncture effect will be synergistic of the therapeutic effect and of same duration.
    Filed in an AP dealing with sinusitis or pain, only its long-term effect in acupuncture will be privileged, the non-harmful therapeutic effect will not be a contraindication to its use in this pathology: Thus, it is possible to explain, by the MTC, the beneficial collateral effects of injection of this liquid drug of aesthetic use.
  • The possibility of obtaining a long-term stimulus of APs selected for their action on a given condition, permits to space acupuncture sessions and improve some drawbacks of a close repetition of acupuncture sessions: Financial weight, loss of time, fear of needles delaying consultation etc.

We believe that the unexpected improvement of reported illnesses is due, Perhaps and in part, to stimulation of very long duration of Acupuncture Points or points Acupuncture-like of local action.