ROLLER, Mesopuncture & BMN

It is used to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, scars, without damaging the skin barrier.

It is a device composed of compact needles attached to a drum, rolling on the facial skin, in general, by small and smooth and manual pushes. The needles penetrate the skin either vertically or asymmetrically to a depth, sometimes adjustable in some devices, between 0.5 and 2.5 mm, more specifically 1.5 mm to 0.5mm for the face and the eye.

  • Its use is to reach the connective tissue, collagen fibers and elastin.
    It creates thousands of micro wounds, well defined, perfectly controlled under the upper layers of the skin in just seconds, causing the creation of collagen fibers and elastin and a rush of blood to the injured spot.
  • Its use is to provide access to deeper tissues, for local topical fluids (applied to the skin surface), which is reminiscent of Mesopuncture.

The insertion of needles temporarily opens paths to all sub-epidermal tissue to local topical liquid drugs, to active drugs.

It is interesting to note the common features with

 **-* The seven star needle, the plum-blossom needle.

These are two devices used in Acupuncture.
These are 5-7 needles attached, permanently, on a same support, at end of a handle of a given length; they are used to a greater area than that assigned to one needle. They do not roll but the percussion of the skin by the device is repeated on a large area of the skin.

**-* The fundamentals of Acupuncture are intimately associated with the connective tissue as well at the anatomical level as at its mechanism of action or its therapeutic results. The Acupuncture effect, by a compact needle insertion either at the level of APs or at any point of the skin, is due to stimulus of the fundamental substance of the connective tissue. This effect may occur no matter where the needle is placed but may be enhanced when the needle is inserted into APs where the amount of connective tissue is important; this stimulus propagates along the connective tissue cleavage planes (LANGEVIN) to all over the skin.

**-* Mesopuncture 
It is an acupuncture version in which few drops of a liquid drug stimulate the Acupuncture Point_ AP. They are either deposited needleless by iontophoresis or injected by needle. In general, Mesopuncture is performed after stimulation of the APs by a compact metallic acupuncture needle (Acupuncture). Besides their recognized therapeutic effect they stimulate the connective tissue, irrespective of the skin injection site, but stimulation is more noticeable at the AP.

**-*The BMN device

It is a hollow acupuncture needle topped with a resilient polymer reservoir allowing to perform Acupuncture and Mesopuncture with the same skin insertion, by Therapists entitled to use liquid drugs. It also allows, around the APS to create in the dermis, reservoirs of few drops of a liquid drug or Mesotherapy Points.

It seems that the ROLLER allows a soft version of Acupuncture and Mesopuncture (and Mesotherapy?) for APs of local action.
It is interesting for the Therapists using the roller, to recognize the APs for better targeting the application of Roller.