*-* In all the courses 
 You will find a listing of active points on the aesthetic or health disorders described in the course.   

*** In the courses        
The aesthetics of face, neck, scalp, hands.     
Pain rheumatism & Sports.  

we indicate only the APs in front of the painful or specific area. We do not give information of the own action of the point on the symptom nor information of its action on energy.    

 *** In the other courses      

The aesthetics of body:  
1- Overweight and diet.  
2- Cellulite.        
DEPENDANCE: alcohol, tobacco, other drugs.  

 In some of these other courses, we mentioned action of the AP either on the symptom or on energy as on the imbalance of Energy, cause/or consequence of the disease.    

*-* These points are stimulated, by two ways: 
•    No-invasive way
Acupuncture: By Acupressure, LPG, Vacuum, ultrasound, laser, moxa, etc.  The pressure of the AP will be rather a superficial or deep massage of the skin of each AP for about thirty seconds.  
Mesopuncture and Mesotherapy are performed by iontophoresis, delivering through the skin, the liquid drug able to create, MPs and a fluid stimulus of the dermal part of the AP or Mesopuncture.

•    Minimally invasive way
By inserting BMN, which with the same needle and the same needle insertion, realizes Acupuncture and Mesopuncture into the AP and can create MPs into the dermis.

Any point of the dermis is a MP if we inject in a small dose of active drug on the disease treated. 
In the latter case, with our training, it will be possible to recognize the areas of the dermis, all around the APs, or in the entire area joining two neighboring APs.    In this area, the needle of the BMN will create, many MPs, by injecting some drops of a liquid drug with therapeutic effects, into the dermis. 

For Mesopuncture, the product injected can be neutral: Saline, distilled water, injectable drugs of moderate therapeutic effect: Trace elements, homeopathy...

•    Other way
 Conventional acupuncture needle and Mesotherapy needles with or without gun.