1- OVERWEIGHT …..... Training on line, very simple and short, for each point: There is an anatomical drawing. The usual depth of inserting the needle is specified in the legend. For all Therapists.
o    The MAJOR POINTS, MAM points.
o    We joined or not, a very complete diet with xxxxxxxxxxx.  •                      

COURSE on-line. with/without needles.

Chapter Index

A section of the skin
Overweight and the main points
Some preliminary concepts
Philosophy of the courses
The BMN we produce
Training in Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture
Mesopuncture Technique
Energy disturbances in the OVERWEIGHT
Energy theory of overweight
The main points
Other points
Overweight Correction
Overweight Stabilization

Cost of training:  ***OVERWEIGHT with diet  300 euros.                                                                                                                             ***OVERWEIGHT without diet 200 euros.   

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