Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture or MAM, needleless, is a non-invasive set of three treatments proposed for various disturbances of health or aesthetics

Acupressure is a non-invasive version of Acupuncture treatment without needle insertion. It is associated with, in our training, Mesopuncture, Mesotherapy also performed without needles.

Acupuncture: To obtain the Acupuncture effect, in the treatment of a particular condition, the selected AP is stimulated by various external stimuli, without needles: Moxas, laser, waves, magnets, massage and more…   it is necessary to add in our training, Mesopuncture and Mesotherapy also performed, without needles by another external stimulus, a liquid drug.

Mesopuncture or Fluid stimulus of the same Acupuncture point_  AP, was initiated, thirty years ago by the Chinese medicine, to complete by a fluid stimulus of the AP the conventional metallic needle stimulus or classical Acupuncture.

       To obtain the Mesopuncture effect, the APs must be stimulated by a liquid drug. There are two categories of liquid drugs that can be used for the fluid stimulus, liquid drug with or without pharmacological activity.   

       Apart from the classical Mesopuncture, using needles to inject few drops of a liquid drug into the AP, there is a needleless version, performed, by an external way or Virtual Mesopuncture. 

The virtual Mesopuncture is founded on the fact that the AP is described, in histology, as a path, of systematized location starting in the epidermis, at the skin surface and ending in the subcutaneous tissue in the connective tissue.

Few drops of drug applied on the skin surface, at the level of the AP, cross the skin and reach the AP, by iontophoresis provided by the electric apparatus for Virtual Mesotherapy.  
There is a complex interplay between on one part the APs, already localized at the skin surface, activated by a liquid drug on which is applied the virtual Mesotherapy apparatus, and on the other part, the Mesotherapy Points_ MPs that can be created in the dermis, of the whole area separating two neighboring APs and using the same apparatus.

Mesotherapy. In effect, if the AP is of systematized localization in the thickness of the skin, the MP is created by few drops of a fluid drug, deposited, in any part of the skin on which will be applied the electrical apparatus for virtual Mesotherapy.
The liquid drug can thus cross the skin and create in the dermis or superficial hypodermis small reservoirs of liquid drug which are the Mesotherapy Points_ MPs.

The Mesotherapy Point_ MP does not exist until it is created by the deposit, with or without needle in the dermis or superficial hypodermis, of micro-reservoirs of some drops each one of a liquid drug, active on the pathology, in treatment.

Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture.
The most logical way, exploiting the proximity of the AP and MP and the ease to involve them in the initial and local treatment was to group them together, in a set, Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture or MAM, of significant efficacy for the patient, associating two versions of the Chinese medicine and an occidental mode of drug administration or Mesotherapy, whose value depends on the effectiveness of the drug chosen and employed by the Therapist.

The MAM is a non-invasive set of three treatments proposed for various disturbances of health, aesthetics or body shape - Pain, cellulite, overweight… instead of specific and isolated treatment. This is an easy opportunity to link the benefits of each therapeutic mode.

This version of MAM, performed without needles, is aimed at all Professionals wishing to integrate the MAM in their daily practice replacing, eventually, the virtual Mesotherapy apparatus by the BMN: The MAM is performed with a single needle inserted.


Our purpose, in Bleu Medical, is to inform the Professional who uses the skin as a vector for his treatment, how easy it is,

  • On the one hand

To recognize the APs on the skin,
To opt for a non-invasive treatment,
To associate current liquid drugs, allopathic or not, deposited without injections into the AP (Mesopuncture) or into the dermis (Mesotherapy).

  • On the other hand,

To integrate Acupuncture and Mesopuncture in a set, Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesotherapy or MAM.

       In the courses

*** In the courses

          AESTHETIC: Face, neck, scalp, hands.


We indicate only the APs in front of the painful or specific area.

*** In the other courses

          AESTHETIC body:

1- Overweight and diet

  • 2- Cellulite.
  •           OBESITY and ACUPUNCTURE

          Dependence: alcohol, tobacco, other drugs

We mention, more often, the action of the point either on the symptom or on the imbalance of Energy, cause and/or the consequence of disease.


       The philosophy of our teaching, always the same, is to learn to:


Recognize the active APs in the skin for Acupressure, on various health conditions. In all the courses you will find a listing of active APs on the health disorder described in the course. In each course, we display diagrams and a detailed anatomical description which allows recognizing the location of a set of selected APs acting on the disease described in the course.  Sometimes, there is mention of activity of the selected APs, on the yin-yang energy, disease from the acupuncture angle.

Define the skin surface between two neighboring APs where

Mesotherapy points will be created by the Therapist.

Once the AP recognized, the treatment applied will depend on the qualification of the Professionals to use needles or injectable.

We have to highlight that Mesotherapy and Acupuncture Mesopuncture have the same goal which is to treat medically, the same alteration of the health or aesthetics.

Performing Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture or MAM

The MAM is performed, in its version not invasive by an external stimulus of the AP (Massage, laser, pulsed light etc.) coupled with the iontophoresis on the AP for the Mesopuncture and around it, for Mesotherapy.

       These APs are stimulated by a deep massage or various external stimulations commonly used: Moxas, laser, microwaves, cupping magnets electro-acupuncture, LPG, VACUUM, Ultra sounds, and more…   

As the AP is a path starting in the epidermis/dermis and ending in the connective tissue, the liquid drug can be deposited at the skin surface (Virtual Mesopuncture).

  • In the skin area from and around this AP to the neighboring APs, are spread some drops of the same liquid drug, with therapeutic effects, chosen by the Therapist. The virtual Mesotherapy apparatus, acting by iontophoresis, is applied on these drops; They  cross the skin and create in the dermis, without needle, multiple micro-reservoirs of few drops, each one, which are the Mesotherapy Points_ MPs.

The effectiveness of Mesotherapy depends on the pharmacology of the drug selected by the Therapist, in contrast to the Mesopuncture where the drug by its physicochemical structure not only keeps its pharmacological properties but is a stimulus of the AP, which could differentiate the Mesotherapy from Mesopuncture.

Each session of Mesopuncture uses the volume of a standard vial of liquid drug. A period of 8-12 days or more separates two successive sessions, decreasing, thus, the risk of addiction to the painkillers.