By expanding its sphere of activity in the local injection and with the above changes, Acupuncture has blurred even erased the border separating these two methods of treatment: 
Acupuncture/Mesopuncture and Mesotherapy, to which each one of them were assigned very schematically a specific vector and for some professionals, perhaps a specific cutaneous layer. 

Difficulties in separating Mesotherapy and Mesopuncture points
It is, to say the least, difficult for Mesotherapy to remain acting in the dermis only as we note it with the two following examples:

In the event of thinness, it is difficult, in Mesotherapy, to make sure that the needle is not in the hypodermis and
a Mesotherapy technique where the needle reaches the hypodermis, is described.

In topography, we can still confuse Mesopuncture and Mesotherapy when, in a skin area, accessible to Mesotherapy and without APs known, it is possible to identify,  ASHI acupuncture points of random and diffuse location, AP off meridians.

  • Common characteristics between Acupuncture Points and Mesotherapy Points   

Mesopuncture, a version of Acupuncture, and Mesotherapy are closely linked:
Often it is difficult to differentiate between Acupuncture point and Mesotherapy point when used in the common goal of helping to treat health problems or aesthetic disturbances. There are many common points:

•    Same area of skin in which the AP occupies a definite place, the MP being located around this AP but into the dermis.
•    Same injection vector in the case of minimally invasive method whether it's the BMN needle or needle with syringe.
•    Same device of virtual Mesotherapy in the case no-invasive method.
•    Same liquid drug (with therapeutic effects) used in both Mesopuncture and Mesotherapy.
•    Same treatment goal: Helping to improve the same health disorder or same aesthetics disturbance.

And finally the main unifying element is the BMN that achieves the MAM, once inserted into the skin.

Role of BMN

BMN is a medical device joining a fine needle as an acupuncture needle, hollow, with a resilient polymer reservoir topping it, running as an empty dropper, for an extemporaneous storage/restitution of various drugs [distilled water, salt solution, vitamins, trace elements, phytotherapy , homeopathy, allopathy], by the Therapist, at the time of the consultation.

•    BMN is a Mesopuncture/Acupuncture disposable needle
It realises into the hypodermis, in addition to the metal stimulus of the needle, a fluid [or liquid or mechanical or chemical] stimulus of the AP (Mesopuncture), by injecting through its needle, a liquid drug into the AP.

•    BMN is a Mesotherapy disposable device, too.
Without being a Mesotherapy gun or a syringe with a Mesotherapy needle, the BMN, into the dermis, is a complete Mesotherapy device, practical, sure and cheap; A device without plunger, without glue, silicone-free.

The Triple therapy or MAM _Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture

The intricacy of the Mesotherapy Point and Acupuncture Point makes clear, necessary and logical to associate Mesotherapy and Acupuncture / Mesopuncture or MAM, helped by the use of BMN.

MAM is a method of treatment joining two versions (Acupuncture and Mesopuncture) of Chinese Medicine and an occidental mode of drug administration, Mesotherapy, whose value depends on the effectiveness of the drug chosen by the therapist.    

Its foundation is the complex interplay between, APs and MPs created into the dermis of the whole area separating two neighboring AP, using the same liquid drug, the same drug administration (injection or deposit), the same device (BMN or apparatus of Virtual Mesotherapy), the same needle insertion, and easy opportunity to add the benefit of every therapeutic mode.

MAM is a set easily applicable in clinical practice, in its two modes, no-invasive (without using needles) or minimally invasive (the needle once inserted realizes the MAM).  

D_ APPLICATIONS OF MAM, the triple treatment

* In various specialities: Massage, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, aesthetic treatments, beauty care and more.

For different specialties, such as those mentioned above, the skin is the vector that allows performing the elected treatment. Although the APs are the most involved because of their topography, it must be added Mesotherapy points, easily created in the skin around the acupuncture points.

. In a general way, these APs, recognized and incorporated into the selected treatment, would predict and better target their effect on the final result of the treatment.

An example
The aesthetic treatments and beauty care applied to the skin, in general ignore the presence of APs spread in the skin, in a systematized location and known from time, whose activation by these same treatments, are involved in the improvement attributed only to the classic treatment instituted.
Already, the Professional uses the same vectors and the same necessary drugs to activate (needle, laser, massage, or injectable drug, iontophoresis device, roller ...) the APs and create the MPs.

For all Professionals using the skin as vector of treatment, detailed informations on the location of the acupuncture point would be useful.
By knowing the topography of the APs, the Professional may include them in his treatment project, adding the therapeutic properties of the activation of these APs, to his elected treatment, the Patient being the main beneficiary.

•    This activation of the AP is performed by the metal of any needle (Acupuncture needle, for example, without being exclusive) and by a drug injected into the AP (Mesopuncture), the same needle being able to be the injection vector.
•    It can easily be added, the creation of Mesotherapy Points, with the same vector and the same drug, the MP being a adjacent to the AP.

The liquid drug, used by the Professional, can stimulate the AP (or Mesopuncture) according to two routes of administration: The internally way, using a hollow needle and the externally way, an apparatus of virtual Mesotherapy (Procedure used by Therapists not authorized to inject).

MPs are created into the dermis, around the PA;
They are easily added to treatment being started:
They use the same active drug injected or deposited and the same vector administration, BMN needle or iontophoresis: (few drops of a drug deposited or injected create the PM, into any part of the dermis, around the dermal emergence of the AP).

Another example
About Professionals in Acupuncture and Mesotherapy
….The Therapist in Mesotherapy inserts hollow needles to inject the liquid drug.  If the injection device is the BMN, the same liquid drug may be injected, using the same needle, into the nearest APs, to create MPs, the device could remain in place to achieve the acupuncture effect . 

Mesotherapy gun or needles with syringes cannot perform Acupuncture.

…. The Acupuncturist inserts compact needles for Acupuncture and hollow needles to inject liquid drug into the AP for fluid stimulus. The same needle and the same liquid drug could be injected into the dermis around the AP to create MPs:

•    The liquid drug is required to possess therapeutic properties to be eligible in Mesotherapy.
•    BMN may achieve the triple therapy once inserted in the AP.


In the PAST:

The Therapist in Mesotherapy inserted into the dermis or superficial hypodermis, a hollow needle either the needle of a syringe or a Mesotherapy gun.
The Therapist in Acupuncture inserted a compact needle into the skin.
Two well delimited specialties with two different needles working in the same area with the same goal at two different sessions with two different professionals.
Moreover, the skin with its multiple APs and as a corollary, its MPs, is a vector of treatment for other professionals.


We put at the disposal of all of these professionals (Therapists in Acupuncture, Mesotherapy and other Professionals) detailed information on the recognition of the APs involved in various common disorders, to include, the MAM, in their proposed treatment, helping to reduce health disorders or body shape disturbance or aesthetic problems.

Our goal is that the Professional integrates the MAM in his treatment, integration facilitated by using the BMN, an appropriate device. A no-invasive version of our training is intended for all professionals not empowered to insert needles or inject drugs.