CELULITIS….. ...., Training on line, very simple and short, for each point: There is an anatomical drawing.The usual depth of inserting the needle is specified in the legend. For all Therapists.  

COURSE on-line. MAM with/without needles.

Chapter Index

Eastern Physiopathology
Benefits of acupuncture treatment
Classification topographical
Anatomical classification
Stages in the development of cellulite
Factors associated with the formation of cellulite
Cellulite by type of woman
Side effects of acupuncture

Practically, the treatment we propose consists:

A_ Of the meridian points attached to the organs, considered as the origin of the formation and development of cellulite, which strengthen the energy of these organs.


B_ Of the meridian points Spleen-Stomach, Kidney, and Liver, known to have a role in treating overall the swelling.

C_ Of active Acupuncture points on cellulite, globally or regionally.

D_ Of Acupuncture points selected for their action on localized cellulite on hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, abdomen, stomach areas, resulting in a good flow of blood and energy in the area, improving the metabolism in these areas.

E_ Of Acupuncture points, resulting from the usual examination at each visit in Acupuncture and necessary to the treatment of global energy imbalance that accompanies the emergence and development of cellulite. Are chosen, preferably, the meridian points through the area of cellulitis or localized mainly in areas of habitual cellulite or any other body part with wrinkled skin.

The positive effect, over time, by restoring the general energy balance is observed, particularly in sensation of legs feeling smoother with a firmer appearance, more remarkable elasticity of the skin.

Cost of training:             *** CELULITIS  300 euros.                    

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