COURSE on-line. MAM with/without needles.
For each point: There is an anatomical drawing. The usual depth of inserting the needle is specified in the legend. For all Therapists.                                              


Hair loss, is often caused and maintained by variable functional mental disorders.
Inversely, hair loss has evident and frequent mental repercussions.

It is useful to treat in parallel those mental disorders referring to the aspect ' INNER MIND ' of this formation, this mental aspect being predominant  in the hair loss treatment.

Itself the hair loss treatment, includes a general treatment made through loaded BMN and a scalp treatment, made through loaded BMN with …….

 Unquestionably, the alcohol addiction treatment requires to treat the patient “Inner Mind” aspect and the formation for that “Inner Mind” symptoms treatment.

 As other customs: Alcohol, chocolate, sugar bowls, the tobacco poisoning treatment requires a mental therapeutic support: We recommended our formation in ‘Inner Mind’ disorder jointly to this ‘Hair loss, tobacco, alcohol’ formation.




THREE CHANNELS                                       

HAIR LOSS                                                   

THE LOCAL TREATMENT                              




Cost of training:       *** Addiction.  Food and Chocolate Alcohol Tobacco… 300euros.                             

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