Note about Mesopuncture
. Mesopuncture is a new mode of liquid drug administration and a version of Acupuncture treatment initiated by the Chinese Medicine  with a new device which is the BMN, as for Mesotherapy, gun is an adequate device, too.

Training in MAM (Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture) is based on four elements.

*  Each course includes various details
A short description of the respective places of the Patient and the Therapist  and how to insert the BMN. Instructions for use of the BMN are described in all boxes of BMN.

It is stated, also that, all the selected points may not be treated by the BMN. It is often useful to mix compact acupuncture needles and BMN, this is left to the appreciation of each Therapist but it is desirable that the BMN would be inserted next to and into all the treatment area where Mesotherapy points will be created.

* *  The knowledge of the injectable drug, the best suited to treat the condition.

Each Therapist has the freedom to choose the drug he considers the best suited to treat the condition in question.

All injectable drugs, intravenous or intramuscular, can be used, but with a preference for liquid drugs wherein the excipient is aqueous rather than oily.  
The translucency of the reservoir of the BMN can confirm the needle is not in a blood vessel, during the injection into the skin.

The drug keeps its therapeutic virtues, but we also used its qualities of mechanical stimulation of the AP that will join the stimulation by the metal needle of the BMN.

This, differentiates Mesopuncture from Mesotherapy, apart from the fact that the AP is theoretically, located, into the the entire thickness of the skin and the MP  is, theoretically, created into the dermis and superficial hypodermis.

This differentiates Mesopuncture and Mesotherapy, in the sense that any product injected as distilled water or saline (often used by beginners) even without therapeutic virtues, is able to stimulate the AP, this is not the case in Mesotherapy where the MP cannot be created without active therapeutic properties of the liquid drug injected.

We can advise, possibly and punctually, the Therapist.

* * * The location of APs and incidentally the depth of the acupuncture needle insertion as Mesotherapy is superficial in all the dermis.

 In our training, we will find a description of the AP with anatomical diagram and legend indicating the relationship of this AP with the neighbouring anatomical structures to locate it easily, in addition to our support by email.

The location of the AP is essential: It will allow, thanks to the BMN, to stimulate this AP in the treatment of the disease in question,  by metal stimulation and liquid stimulation with preserved therapeutic action and creation of Mesotherapy points.

BMN are free of any product.

* * * *The conduct of the MAM session

For metal stimulation (or traditional acupuncture) the needle should remain in place a score of minutes. From this AP and in all the dermic area linking it to nearby APs, will be created by injecting the liquid drug into the dermis, numerous MPs.

This training, is proposed for beginners and professionals: It is of wide interest to Acupuncturists, who will be formed with the wise choice of the APs, they surely know, but not, perhaps, applied in this treatment.